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State Proposes Budget Increase to Fight Trump

State Proposes Budget  Increase to Fight Trump

California is beefing up their weapons against the President of the United States once again. This time, the very progressive state is bringing in several new lawyers and strengthening a defense fund for illegal immigrants. This all comes after the state has been in a series of legal battles with the Trump administration after Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown offered a new budget proposal.

The new proposal came after Attorney General Xavier Becerra asked for more funding to his office. After months of negotiation with Democratic leaders, the plan was approved for beginning phases. The proposal will add $6.5 million to Becerra’s budget and $15 million to legal defense services to illegal immigrants fighting deportation orders.

While this type of money is nothing in comparison to California’s $120 billion budget, it shows that they are the head of the resistance against Trump and also indicates that their attorney general isn’t scared of the federal government.

This isn’t the first time Becerra has stepped out either. During the beginning of Trump’s administration, Becerra challenged Trump on his immigration ban, on his threatening to block Justice Department grants, and on his delay of energy efficiency rules. In an interview on Tuesday, Becerra said the following:

“We need to have the talent in place, the personnel. It’s disturbing, more than surprising, to see how rapidly the Trump administration is trying to abandon or undo what is constitutionally not only required but in some cases permitted.”

The state’s resistance to the federal government is starting to concern several Republicans in California’s legislature. They say that the Democrats are going to far in the ‘resistance’ and say it will cause a rift between the federal government and the state government.

“Being antagonistic towards the federal government is counterproductive,” said Republican Senator John Moorlach. “There are a lot of immigrants, like myself, that are not amused, in fact, offended, that undocumented immigrants are getting subsidized legal assistance.” Moorlach’s family immigrated here from the Netherlands and took this specific issues to heart.


Unfortunately, Moorlach is a tiny voice in the liberal state, and his decision had little impact on the passing of this budget. What do you think about California’s stance on resistance to the President of the United States? Do you think it’s a healthy choice by a state?

Credit: The Hill


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