Home News Statue Mysteriously Appears In NYC and Sends A Message

Statue Mysteriously Appears In NYC and Sends A Message

Statue Mysteriously Appears In NYC and Sends A Message

The Wall Street Bull had a new view on Tuesday morning that was a surprise to many people as well.

Standing in front of the famed bull stood a bronzed little girl – ‘Fearless Girl’. With hands on her hips and a determined look, it was clear this girl was standing her ground against the bull.

State Street Global Advisors is responsible for the little girl who stands for gender equality in the finance industry. State Street CEO Ron O’Hanley released a statement about the “girl” saying:

“Today, we are calling on companies to take concrete steps to increase gender diversity on their boards, and have issued clear guidance to help them begin to take action.”

The symbol was placed on the street the evening before international Women’s Day.

PBS Reported on State Street saying:

“State Street is a money management company with nearly $2.5 trillion in investments, the Washington Post reported. The bronze statue is also a representation of State Street wants the statue to represent their call to action for 3,500 companies and their shareholders to increase the amount of women in leadership positions and on corporate boards.”


The ‘Fearless Girl’ was created by artist Kristen Visbal and placed in the financial district. Thanks to the help of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, State Street Corp managed to get the girl to stay for a week. Anne McNally, head of public relations for State Street said that their goal is to ultimately get the girl to remain in her position permanently:

“We would absolutely be open to it being a permanent installation to that work of art. We feel very strongly that she is a partner to the bull. She’s daring and confident and symbolizes the can-do spirit of women taking charge today and inspires the next generation of leaders.”

Credit: CNN Money | PBS


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