Home News Supreme Court Says North Carolina Did Discriminate Against Voters and Here’s How…

Supreme Court Says North Carolina Did Discriminate Against Voters and Here’s How…

Supreme Court Says North Carolina Did Discriminate Against Voters and Here’s How…

The recent presidential election has caused quite the stir, especially if Russia is mentioned. The biggest concern among many people is that Russia allegedly swayed the election results. However, the North Carolina State Legislator got caught drawing up lines among racial lines which many claims was to suppress the vote from the left.

According to the Supreme Court, these theories by conservatives may be accurate. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that North Carolina’s actions of packing black voters into two voting districts were indeed illegal. According to a report by The Hill:

“That ruling said North Carolina officials used race as the predominant factor in drawing district lines without a compelling reason when they created two districts – the 1st District and the 12th District – with majority-black voting-age populations.”

The two districts are represented by Democrats making the split even more suspicious. According to the Justice Elena Kagan, states are allowed to have “leeway” in making race decisions under the Voting Rights Act, but that rule isn’t going to protect the actions of District 1. She continued:

“We by no means ‘insist that a state legislature, when redistricting, determine precisely what percent minority population demands.’ But neither will we approve a racial gerrymander whose necessity is supported by no evidence and whose raison d’etre is a legal mistake.”

The 12th district needs a trial with live witnesses to verify the fact that the restructuring of the district was for race reasons and not political. The lines, however, have been redrawn by the Republican-controlled state legislature. The redrawing successfully condensed both geographically but kept the 10 Republicans and three Democrats in the district’s congressional delegation.

The issue was brought before the court by David Harris of the 1st Congressional District and by Christine Bowser and Samuel Love from the 2nd Congressional District. Their small decision to take this injustice to court helped make America better. It’s far too often that people don’t think their voice counts, but this just shows you it can make a difference.

What do you think about North Carolina’s decision to make the two districts predominantly black? Do you think this could have impacted the election? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: The Hill


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