Home News Sweeping New DHS Policy & Claims To Protect A Controversial Group

Sweeping New DHS Policy & Claims To Protect A Controversial Group

Sweeping New DHS Policy & Claims To Protect A Controversial Group

On Tuesday DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Secretary John Kelly issued a policy to enforce the immigration laws that are currently on the books. The policy issued today was to instruct Border Agents how the law will be enforced.

The memos gave clarity and policy to how the President’s executive actions will be followed. Reports have stated that these memos also protected a controversial group called “dreamers”. “Dreamers” are children who were brought here illegally by their parents. Reports from Fox News stated:

The changes would spare so-called “dreamers.” On a conference call with reporters, a DHS official stressed that the directives would not affect Obama-era protections for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and others were given a reprieve in 2014.

DHS Officials strongly stated that they are “going back to our traditional roots” to enforce the law. Here is what the new policies will do:

1. Prioritizing criminal illegal immigrants and others for deportation, including those convicted or charged with “any criminal offense,” or who have “abused” any public welfare program
2. Expanding the 287(g) program, which allows participating local officers to act as immigration agents – and had been rolled back under the Obama administration
3. Starting the planning, design and construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall
4. Hiring 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and officers
5. Hiring 5,000 Border Patrol agents
6. Ending “catch-and-release” policies under which illegal immigrants subject to deportation potentially are allowed to “abscond” and fail to appear at removal hearings

The memos also eluded that US money that was designated to go to Mexico for “aid” may be used to pay for the border. Using aid from Mexico to pay for the wall could bring the overall cost of the wall down. Some say that this is how President Trump will get Mexico to pay for the wall.

As of the writing of this, there has been no response from the Democrat leadership regarding the memo. There also was no detail as to what will happen with dreamer children if their families are deported.

One thing is for sure President Trump is doing what he said he would do. However, if you don’t agree with Mr. Trump this is nerve racking. Nothing the media or the Democrats do seem to be able to stop him, and he is just rolling ahead.


Source: Fox News


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