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The American people are officially standing behind Bill Barr

The American people are officially standing behind Bill Barr

Most citizens of the United States support Attorney General William Barr’s plan to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion probe and the decision to surveil people associated with President Donald Trump.

According to a new Hill/Harris-X survey conducted May 17-18, 62% of registered voters approved of Barr’s decision to have a U.S. attorney look into the very beginning of the investigation and consider whether or not regulations regarding the surveillance of American citizens had been observed in a proper way.

The new inquiry, which will be headed by Connecticut-based U.S. Attorney John Durham, was more popular among Republicans (74% approved) and independents (68% approved). Only Democrats saw a majority (52%) disapproving of the effort.

The poll was conducted online among 1030 registered voters and had a 3.1% margin of error.

Barr said several times during his testimony before Congress that he intended to get to the bottom of the FBI’s surveillance of Trump associates. Several Republicans have said that they would like to see the evidence used by the FBI to secure the FISA warrants as well.

Barr appointed Durham about a week ago to look into the Russia probe’s origins.


Do you think that this new poll by The Hill is accurate, and do you think that the percentages today will hold up in the weeks ahead? What do you think Barr is going to find in his investigation? We look forward to seeing your comments on this issue in the section below this article.

Credit: Daily Caller


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