Home National News Trump Just Disbanded Another Council That Some Say Could Rescue Us All

Trump Just Disbanded Another Council That Some Say Could Rescue Us All

Trump Just Disbanded Another Council That Some Say Could Rescue Us All

The Trump administration has just dismantled a panel of scientists whose job was to create new ideas and policies for any new climate change findings. According to members of the 15-person team, that decision will cause great issues of preparation and prevention of climate change.

The panel was created by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 2015. According to a spokeswoman for NOAA< the Department of Commerce has indeed decided not to renew the charter for the committee known as the “Sustained National Climate Assessment’s Federal Advisory Committee”:

“Per the terms of the charter, the [committee] expired on August 20th, 2017. The Department of Commerce and NOAA appreciate the efforts of the Committee and offer sincere thanks to each of the Committee members for their service.”

NOAA did not mention anything about the possibility of the charter being renewed, but they did make it clear that the dissolving of the committee would “not impact the completion of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which remains a key priority.” That assessment is scheduled for 2018.

The committee was filled with scientists, government employees, and experts in their field. Each person came together to figure out climate assessments and create guidelines and rules for climate change fixes. This included risk management, economic policies, technology development, and more.

Maxine Burkett, a law professor at the University of Hawaii and committee member, stated the following regarding the disbanding:

“This is incredibly unfortunate for our country, and particularly the most vulnerable populations across the U.S. Allow our charter to lapse ends the process of providing recommendations on how to better support and strengthen our communities.”

Jessica Whitehead, a coastal communities hazards adaptation specialist for the North Carolina Sea Grant, stated that they didn’t even have enough time actually to follow through with their plans:

″[G]iven that our first meeting was in September 2016, and we received our charge to craft these recommendations from NOAA just in March 2017, we needed a renewed charter to give us enough time to really refine those concepts into actionable steps for NOAA and [the U.S. Global Change Research Program] to improve the NCA process.”

Credit: Huffington Post


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