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There’s No Red Blue Divide in Texas Right Now

There’s No Red Blue Divide in Texas Right Now

There’s no Red Blue Divide in Texas right now. John Nolte, writing for Breitbart News, set out even before Hurricane Harvey to offer a different perspective on the media’s portrayal of a hopelessly divided America. Nolte spent 6 weeks on the road this summer in about 10 different states. He wanted to prove or disprove the idea that Americans are at each other’s throats along not just political lines, but racial, gender, age, region, and lifestyle lines.

John Nolte went after the idea that old white men (Trump voters) are desperate to hold on to their privilege even if it is at the expense of brown, black, gay, female, and young Americans. Therefore, every brown, black, gay, female, and young American must vote Democrat.

But the reality is that almost half, 48%, of those who voted for Trump are NOT men; and get this, 43% of those who voted for Trump are NOT white. There are tens of millions of non-whites and women who support this president.

Nolte claims that the media is inundating us with 24/7 news of strife and violence, which means that  “the media (is) holding civility and the social compact hostage; demanding we pay a ransom that surrenders merit to identity and individual freedom to government.”

In other words, Nolte says, “what you see 24/7 on CNN is not America.”

Nolte continues, “After six weeks on the road, after dozens of people in states as politically diverse as Illinois and South Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia, I am heartened to report that the people in this country get along, live and work together, just fine.”

What Nolte found in 10 other states was reinforced in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Nolte reports, “The very people who are ordered by the media to hate one another — blacks, Hispanics, whites, southerners, — instead helped, rescued, saved, consoled and soothed one another. From out of state, the Deplorables came, flying the flag of the Cajun Army, volunteering to risk their own lives to save a city that is much more black and Hispanic than not. What we are seeing in Houston is not the exception, is not the outlier. What we are seeing in Houston is who we are, is America.

Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Is what Nolte found your experience of America?

Credit: Breitbart


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