Home News Think A Border Wall Is Too Expensive? Think Again.

Think A Border Wall Is Too Expensive? Think Again.

Think A Border Wall Is Too Expensive?  Think Again.

For many, the issue of building a wall along our southern border will cost too much. However, for those holding to such a belief, the following information should make you reconsider. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security via Fortune, the proposed wall will cost as much as $21.6 billion with it going as high as $25 billion.

Using the math from Daily Mail, let’s assume that Mexico won’t pay for the wall and the price almost doubles to $40 billion. $40 billion is definitely something the American people don’t want to hear. But wait.

According to Daily Wire:

“The estimates of the ANNUAL cost of illegal immigration rank as high as $113 billion to as low as – oh, look, although the left-wing PolitiFact gives that widely circulated number a “mostly false,” these proven serial-liars can only say, “Reports by pro-immigration or neutral groups have come in significantly lower.”

To recap, there are no current PolitiFact estimates except for one from 1994 which amounts to $22 billion per year. This was based on a time when our borders weren’t open to allow anyone and everyone in. But again, let’s assume there is a drastically low $25 billion cost for Illegal immigration.

Considering that Trump’s wall would cost a one-time fee of $40 billion and illegal immigration would cost $25 billion a year, the choice seems clear. Adding ten years to the pricing, the wall stays the same obviously, but the cost for illegal immigration grows to an insane $250 billion.

So yes, it does look like the President’s wall will pay for itself. To say otherwise would mean you refuse logical numbers. These numbers also don’t calculate the number of drugs that will be stopped, the number of people who won’t die traversing the desert, and help with the alleged voter fraud.


What do you think about the numbers on Trump’s border wall versus allowing illegal immigration? Let me know in the comments!

Credit: Daily Wire


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