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This Policy By Obama Will Be Extinct

This Policy By Obama Will Be Extinct

President Trump is set to sign a series of executive order this week. It has been learned that some of the orders to be signed this week will have to do with the previous administration’s climate, energy, and water policy. During his second term, former President Obama made sweeping changes to climate and environmental regulations.

One order will increase US production of energy and decrease the US dependency on foreign fossil fuel. It will also lift the ban on coal leasing from federal land. The second order will rewrite President Obama’s 2015 Waters of the US rule that applied to 60% of US waterways. Thirdly, President Trump is pro coal and campaigned heavily on that throughout the rust belt. As a result, President Trump is going to roll back former President Obama’s agenda to regulation greenhouse emissions.

One major point of contention between both groups is the water management policy and how broad it was. The Washington Post reports:

Two Supreme Court decisions that came down during the George W. Bush administration, in 2001 and 2006, spurred uncertainty over exactly which bodies of water fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction. The Bush administration worked on drafting regulations to address the issue, but once Obama took office the EPA began rewriting them. The current rule gives the federal government wide latitude to protect smaller tributaries as well as some, such as wetlands, that may be dry periodically, on the grounds that they still need to be preserved as critical water supplies.

Farmers stated that the new water policy requires them to pay high fees and need to get federal permission to make a water basin. However, hunters and fisherman are worried that some wetlands will disappear.

“If they have a better way to do it, we’re all for it,” said Whit Fosburgh, president of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. “But we want to make sure the wetlands and streams covered in the Obama rule can be covered in whatever they develop as a replacement. That’s our bottom line.”

Much like the other policies of President Trump we must wait and see how this will affect us. These new policies could pose a danger for increased pollution. However, an increase in coal production lowers electric costs. Producing more oil here is great for the economy and fuel prices. The new Administration will need to balance the positive quality of life changes without us needing to wear a gas mask to go to the store.


Source: Washington Post


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