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Obama Legacy To Get The Axe. Here’s Trump’s Plan…

Obama Legacy To Get The Axe. Here’s Trump’s Plan…

On Friday President Trump was sworn into office in a day of celebration for some, and protest for others. After watching, reading, and digesting the news over the weekend, I feel that these are three things that are going to be in the headlines this week.

First, President Trump has already signed some executive orders and we can expect him to sign more. What to expect? According to a White House official who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, they will be about immigration and trade. It would appear that President Trump is going start to undo the executive orders Obama passed regarding immigration. Also over the weekend, counselor Kellyanne Conway on CBS “Face the Nation” show made mention that the Trump Administration may not enforce the individual mandate fine imposed on those without insurance. I’m writing this at 6:30 AM Monday so who knows, this may already be a headline.

Second, over the past few weeks, I have seen the media sneak this headline in a few times to try and get a reaction; yesterday it made national news. The White House plans to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which was echoed throughout Trump’s campaign. This will infuriate the Arab world and basically shut out the Palestinians of any leverage they may have gained with the former Obama Administration. President Trump has already contacted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. However, there has been no mention of speaking with the Palestinian leadership. I’m not sure I agree with this move early on. It’s bold and an “in your face” move. This could be President Trump making a statement to the Arab world “I do what I want,” but many could suffer the consequences.

Lastly, and probably my favorite headline this week is: “The Trump Administration vs. the Media.” For about sixteen years, the media has been able to do what it wants from attacking President Bush without push back, to its love affair with President Obama. Well, there is a new guy in town and he is not going to take their crap sitting down. The scuffle has already started. Over the weekend the press and the administration started arguing over inauguration attendance. The media was saying the attendance was weak and the White House saying it was a “million”. I did not like the White House’s response saying it was “millions”. All the White House needed to say was, “Obama was the first black president and of course more people would show up, it was a historic event.” Then, they could criticize the media for being petty, and it would have put an end to it. This would have been a professional, yet swift “punch” to the media, but what we got was a typical immature “Trump” response.


This week will be a wild ride and the media seems to be trying to enact the same plan they originally attempted on President Bush in 2001; make him look stupid. That plan worked until 9/11, but President Trump is a completely different animal. I believe that the media is doing a disservice to us as well. In the establishment’s quest to make President Trump look stupid, he very well could delegitimize them. If that happens, President Trump would have the ability to do whatever he wants and no one will be there for accountability. Why is that? Because the media made themselves look like fools and lost their credibility.


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