Home News Billionaire Will Go On Tour to Rally for Trump to Be Impeached

Billionaire Will Go On Tour to Rally for Trump to Be Impeached

Billionaire Will Go On Tour to Rally for Trump to Be Impeached

He’s worth over a billion dollars, and now this environmentalist is using that influence to go on a tour rallying voters to impeach President Trump. Tom Steyer is making a stop in Iowa for a couple of town hall events arguing that Trump should be impeached. 

Steyer will host events in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids early next month as part of a series of 30 town hall meetings. He will also speak at the Iowa Democrats Dinner on May 9.

The environmentalist will make his case for impeachment to members of all parties and will “question why elected leaders in Iowa and across the country ignore the clear mandate from their constituents,” according to a statement made by his Need to Impeach organization on Monday.

Steyer maintains that while a large majority of Democrats support impeaching the president, Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) was the only Democrat in Congress to vote against an impeachment resolution earlier this year. 

“Those who condemn Trump but do not back their words with action are enabling the damage he is inflicting on our country,” Steyer said. “Representative Loebsack should explain why he is acting against his constituents’ wishes by voting no on impeachment. The people of Iowa deserve elected leaders who refuse to back down on our shared principles.”

According to the New York Times, Republicans are going to rally their troops and encourage conservatives to vote in this year’s midterm elections by warning them that Democrats will begin impeachment proceedings against Trump if they win back control of the House. 

A growing number of Democrats in Congress believe that the party needs to stress policy issues in the upcoming midterm election and not focus on impeaching the president. 

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer may have an uphill climb on this impeachment tour. 


What do you think about his plans for these 30 town hall events?

Credit: The Hill


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