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Top Reactions From the Media to Trump’s Paris Withdrawal

Top Reactions From the Media to Trump’s Paris Withdrawal

After the President speech, we monitored the news the get reactions from the media over Trump leaving the Paris Accord. Here are what we felt was the top six:

#6 – Dan Rather took off his news anchor hat and put on a psychiatrist’s hat that knew what was going on in Trump’s mind. He said that Trump is “mad, he has some rage, he’s scared” and “he’s lashing out in anger” toward Europeans. Rather continued by saying that Trump is the most “psychologically troubled … since at least Richard Nixon.”

#5 – One of the Paris deal’s leading negotiators was John Kerry. He said that Trump is not helping the “forgotten Americans” he pledged to elevate, but instead will give their kids asthma (perhaps as soon as this summer!).

#4 – Al Gore seemed to be in denial about what happened during the campaign. Trump repeated promised that he would withdrawel from the Paris deal and won the election soundly. Gore said, “Trump’s decision is profoundly in conflict with what the majority of Americans want from our president.”

#3 – MSNBC anchor Brian Williams made this literary commentary, “On a sunny day in the Rose Garden,” the president delivered a “dark speech.” And then he compared Trump to Hugo Chavez.

#2 – Apparently, David Rowe of the Australian Financial Review is a Kathy Griffin fan. He released an editorial cartoon in which President Trump beheads the entire planet.


#1 – The New York Daily News takes the top honor for unhinged reactions with the cover for tomorrow’s front page which reads, “Trump to World: Drop Dead.”

Credit: Grambien News


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