Home Politics Trey Gowdy gives Trump crucial advice ahead of SOTU

Trey Gowdy gives Trump crucial advice ahead of SOTU

Trey Gowdy gives Trump crucial advice ahead of SOTU

Former South Carolina Republican Congressman turned Fox News Contributor Trey Gowdy told “Fox and Friends” hosts on Tuesday that he believed President Donald Trump was being baited

When asked about the significantly increased border protection being put into place by Mexico, Gowdy agreed that it is proof positive that there is a problem along the southern border, as well as demonstrating that a sovereign country is “entitled” to whatever border protection it deems necessary.

Thanks to the growing tension in Washington over the government spending decision, as well as border security, the president’s State of the Union address is being used by several Democrats as a way to bring to the nation’s attention, whatever issue they consider to be prevalent.

When asked what he makes of the decision by several members of Congress to not attend the speech and others to bring controversial guests, Gowdy had a clear and succinct piece of advice for the Commander-in-Chief going into his yearly address:

“My counsel to the president would be; don’t take the bait,” Gowdy said in his interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“There’s not a single person on the floor of the House that hasn’t already made up his or her mind about any issue that comes up tonight. Your audience is the American people,” Gowdy said.

“You’re gonna stand where less than 50 people have ever stood in our country’s history. You have a unique opportunity to not just tell people what they want to hear, anybody can do that, tell the American people what they need to hear.

“And I’d rather be a one-term president who did something that echoed through the halls of history than be a two-term president that managed the decline of this republic.


So, he has a unique opportunity to address the American people, tell them what he believes, why he believes and do it with persuasion and passion and reason and ignore the people who want to drive up their Twitter followers.

“You’re the president, ignore the floor of the House, that’s not your audience …”


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