Home News Trump Just Dropped 3 MAJOR Bombshells, Has Washington Bureaucracy FUMING

Trump Just Dropped 3 MAJOR Bombshells, Has Washington Bureaucracy FUMING

Trump Just Dropped 3 MAJOR Bombshells, Has Washington Bureaucracy FUMING

Yesterday morning was not slow in the White House as President Trump took to signing three presidential directives. He signed to withdraw U.S. support for a trade deal, to freeze all hiring of federal government employees, and to stop funding to any foreign NGO that supports or advocates abortion.

Not only did President Trump immediately sign an executive order reversing parts of Obamacare, but these three directives all go the opposite direction of what former President Obama was pushing. Just before signing to withdrawal from the 12-nation trade deal, President Trump said:

“everyone knows what that means, right? We’ve been talking about this for a long time. Thank you. Okay. Great thing for the American worker, what we just did.”

Along with this action, President Trump has made it clear that all trade deals in the future will be handled via country-to-country. This new concept will “usher in a new era of trade policy,” the White House Press Secretary says. He continued saying this action will show “a strong signal that the Trump administration wants free and fair trade around the world.”

The second directive was placing a freeze on hiring all federal government employees. President Trump made it clear that there would be a freeze, “except for the military.” Much like the rest of his campaign, this is similar to what Ronald Reagan did during his first few days as President.

Although none of these three directives were executive orders, they are similar in standing and are called presidential memoranda. These orders are how former President Obama made some many actions. In fact, Obama signed more president memoranda’s than any president in history.

The third and final directive that Trump Signed is a policy that changes with almost every president. The Mexico City Policy was first introduced by President Reagan in 1984 and is often being repealed by democrats and reinstated by republicans. Although the President’s exact details have not been revealed, Bush’s version said the following:

“taxpayer funds appropriated pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act should not be given to foreign nongovernmental organizations that perform abortions or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the policy was designed to avoid dangerous abortions and “forced sterilization practices.” Spicer also noted that, “The president has made it no secret that he’s a pro-life president.”

President Trump’s actions make us excited to see all the things he will get done over his term as president but they are rather fast. What do you think about how quickly he’s going about things? Do you think he should slow down?



source: USAToday.com


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