Home News Trump adds insult to Andrew McCabe’s injury

Trump adds insult to Andrew McCabe’s injury

Trump adds insult to Andrew McCabe’s injury

President Donald Trump told reporters on Wednesday that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has “made a fool out of himself.”

The former deputy director has written a tell-all book that he is now promoting on a tour, during which the president called him more of a perpetrator than a law enforcement officer.

“I think Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days, and he really looks to me like sort of a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover,” Trump said, referring to the FBI’s first director, while talking to reporters in the Oval Office according to The Daily Mail.

“I think he’s a disaster,” the president said. “And what he was trying to do was terrible, and he was caught. I’m very proud to say we caught him.”

McCabe was fired in 2018, just hours before he was slated to retire with full government pension by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. At the time, Sessions cited McCabe’s “lack of candor” with investigators who were looking into the press leaks surrounding the investigation into presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“He is a disgraced man,” Trump said Wednesday. “The IG report was a disaster, a disaster from his standpoint. Anybody reading the IG report would say: How could a man like this be involved with the FBI?”

For his part, McCabe has maintained in his recount that Trump raised suspicion among law enforcement after he fired FBI Director James Comey and hinted that others might soon be on their way out.

McCabe told CNN on Tuesday night that he believes “it’s possible” that the president is really a Russian secret agent.

“I think that’s why we started our investigation,” he said.


“This President is undermining the role of law enforcement, undermining the role of our intelligence infrastructure and negatively impacting the men and women of the FBI and across the intelligence agencies, [and their] ability to protect this country on a daily basis.”


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