Home Politics Trump admin sends troops to “greet” asylum seekers at southern border

Trump admin sends troops to “greet” asylum seekers at southern border

Trump admin sends troops to “greet” asylum seekers at southern border

The Pentagon has passed down an order to move 250 active duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas, in expectation of the arrival of a migrant caravan of roughly 2,000 migrants that are expected to arrive soon, NBC News reported.

The troops are being moved from Arizona to Texas, and do not represent additional troops, beyond what was previously announced to be part of the border security effort.

The Hill cited the Defense Department announcement from Wednesday who said this move is “in response to migrant caravan activity currently approaching the Texas border.”

According to the same report, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan “has authorized the repositioning of approximately 250 active duty military personnel from current border security support missions in Arizona to the vicinity of the Eagle Pass” prior to the caravan’s expected arrival, spokesman Capt. Bill Speaks said in a statement.

Approximately 2,000 aliens have arrived in northern Mexico as part of a ‘caravan’ seeking to cross the border into Texas. Illegal entry will not be tolerated and we stand ready to prevent it,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wrote in a statement according to The Hill.

“DHS will take all steps to ensure the safety and security of law enforcement personnel on the front lines,” she added.


The Hill reported that the area around Eagle Pass does not have long sections of barrier and isn’t heavily guarded by border patrol at this point. Areas such as this one appear to have prompted the Pentagon’s decision to send an additional nearly 4,000 troops to the southern border, which they announced on Sunday.

Nielsen pointed the finger at legislators on Tuesday when she said that migrant caravans like the one expected near Eagle Pass are “the result of Congress’s inexcusable failure to fully fund a needed physical barrier and unwillingness to fix outdated laws that act as an enormous magnet for illegal aliens.”


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