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Trump Administration Dumps Obama Era DAPA Policy

Trump Administration Dumps Obama Era DAPA Policy

Those who are concerned about the Trump administration’s policies regarding illegal immigrants are not going to be happy with the most recent move the White House team as made. The Trump administration on Thursday night ended an Obama-era policy that protected undocumented immigrants with children who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The policy that has been discarded is known as DAPA or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans.

According to multiple news reports, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly sent a memo to agents on Thursday telling them not to follow the Obama-era policy which was enacted in November of 2014. Homeland Security issued a press release saying that it was ending the DAPA program because there was “no credible path forward to litigate the currently enjoined policy.”

The Deferred Action for Parents of Americans policy had been stalled in legal battles since its inception in 2014. It was put on hold because Texas and 25 other states filed a lawsuit to block the policy. If it had been allowed to continue, it would have granted deferred deportation to nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants.

We know that many in the Red-Blue Divide family are divided on this issue. We would like to hear your thoughts on this controversial policy being discarded.

Credit: The Hill


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