Home News Trump Buffs the ACA and Democrats Immediately Respond

Trump Buffs the ACA and Democrats Immediately Respond

Trump Buffs the ACA and Democrats Immediately Respond

On Thursday the President signed an executive order that will allow according to the President “lower the costs of healthcare.” He had many members of his cabinet and business owners present for the signing. Almost immediately after the President signed the order Democrats posted push back…….

Signing the bill

Senator Rand Paul was at the signing and stated that “President Trump is doing what he believes is the biggest free market help for healthcare.” Senator Paul said that the bill helps people that can not afford healthcare or do not have it.

The Vice President also spoke and said: “this will rescue people from the disastrous failures of Obamacare.”

As the President signed the executive order he said ripped the Congress for not passing a health care reform bill but did say, “When you get Rand Paul on your side you know its good.”

The President said that 1/3 of all counties in the US have only one insurer selling health care through the ACA exchange. The executive order will direct the DHS and treasury to increase competition and choice. The President claims his order will cost the American people nothing.
The President claims that the executive order will:
1. Allow small business to form associations to buy healthcare which would allow smaller businesses get the deals larger employers get for their employees
2. Enhance short-term limited duration insurance
3. Buy healthcare across state lines
4. Explore DHS and Department of Labor to explore how to enhance business can get deductions for giving their employee’s health care benefits.

The order will ease rules on small businesses banding together to buy health insurance, through what are known as association health plans, and lift Obama administration limits on short-term health insurance plans, according to a source on a call with administration officials Wednesday night. It also lifts limits on short-term health insurance plans.
The order will direct the Department of Labor to “modernize” rules to allow small employers to create association health plans, the source said. Small businesses will be able to band together if they are within the same state, in the same “line of business” or are in the same trade association.

Push Back

Democrats immediately responded on twitter saying:

The President also made a vow that the ACA will be repealed under his Presidency.

Now it remains to be seen what this will look like but one must wonder what happens if this works? This could spell big trouble for Democrats. The executive order could also destroy the ACA marketplace because the prices may be cheaper elsewhere.

Do you believe this executive order was a good thing?


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