Home News Trump Calls Out Collusion Claims and Responds To the ‘Obstruction’ Inquiry

Trump Calls Out Collusion Claims and Responds To the ‘Obstruction’ Inquiry

Trump Calls Out Collusion Claims and Responds To the ‘Obstruction’ Inquiry

Yesterday afternoon the Washington Post published an article stating that the President is now under investigation for possibly obstructing an inquiry that was looking into his campaign possibly colluding with Russia. After I read the post, I almost wanted to say thank you Washington Post for stating the obvious. The whole purpose for Mueller was to look into everything from collusion to obstruction. Why wouldn’t he be investigating the President about obstruction? If he didn’t the Democrats would be calling for his head.
However, the Washington Post article did state that Mueller will be meeting with intelligence chiefs soon to talk about what discussions they had with the President.
As a result of this article being posted it appears the President wanted to respond and did so this morning firing off two tweets:

“They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice,” Trump tweeted Thursday.

The President initially claimed that he was not under investigation for collusion and former FBI Director Comey confirmed that in his testimony.

President Trump’s latest comments appear to reflect that he feels he has done nothing wrong and is making lite of the investigation.

It is perfectly reasonable for Mueller to investigate obstruction and collusion in his role as special counsel, and it should be expected. Why? Mueller needs to conduct a thorough investigation, so there is no question over his results at the conclusion of his inquiry (of course there will be anyway).
But, if the President’s Tweet is any indication of how he feels about the investigation, Trump appears ready to do battle with whatever comes his way.
Do you think Mueller will uncover any evidence that Trump obstructed any investigation?

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