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Trump Eyes To Put Mueller In Check

Trump Eyes To Put Mueller In Check

Trump insiders are eluding to a massive shake up that would cause Washington DC’s head to explode…
When it comes to getting information about certain factions you have to go to specific places. If you want to get any reliable not leaked information about the Trump team you must go to the right wing reports placed in the press pool by the President. A lot of what they are saying is in perfect tune with what the New York Times is reporting today. The information coming from the Trump camp is very compelling over the plans to deal with Mueller. Yesterday, the President met with Senator Ted Cruz (who could possibly be the next Attorney General) and others to discuss how to handle the Jeff Sessions issue and Russia. Despite the fact that the President is not happy with the Attorney General he does feel that he is being treated unfairly.
The Trump camp is actively figuring out how to navigate firing Rod Rosenstein and replacing Rober Mueller with someone they feel will “stick to the issues and not use partisan politics.”

Trump donors and super PACs are doing an incredible amount of research on Mueller and his staff. Their goal is to find any conflicts of interest that could be used to discredit the investigation or even build a case to fire Mueller or just get some members of his team recused. This is according to three people that have knowledge of the work of Trump’s legal team. The goal is to turn Mueller into…Ken Starr.

The ongoing search ranges from scrutinizing donations to Democratic candidates, the past clients of the investigators and the relationship that Mueller had with fired FBI director James Comey. This is the latest evidence of the growing divide between Trump and Mueller. The special counsel has cultivated a high-powered team of legal experts that are examining whether any collusion took place between Trump’s advisors and Russian officials that may have disrupted the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller is beginning to delve into President Trump’s financial history, and it has apparently created fears among the president’s aides. Trump’s team is said to be watching closely to make sure that Mueller’s investigation stays focused on last year’s election. Trump said in an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday that he was aware of potential conflicts of interest with Mueller and would make that information available “at some point.”

“The president’s making clear that the special counsel should not move outside the scope of the investigation,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a White House spokeswoman, said during a news briefing on Thursday.

Republicans have been drawing attention to the potential conflicts with Mueller for weeks now. They have cited thousands of dollars of political donations to Democrats, including former President Barack Obama. There are news reports of similar contributions by other members of Mueller’s team. The Trump team believes that this may be evidence of political bias. According to the explicit rules of the Justice Department, prosecutors may not participate in investigations if they have “a personal or political relationship” with the subject of the case.

What’s happening within the Trump team is similar to what occurred in the Clinton administration under special prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr in the 1990s. Clinton’s team openly challenged Mr. Starr and even called what he was doing a “political witch hunt.”

Trump’s advisors are split on just how far to go in challenging Mueller. He is a retired FBI director and is well respected as a leader in law enforcement. Trump has been warned that dismissing him would created a political firestorm, but the president seems to be increasing his attacks on him. In the recent interview with the Times, Trump focused on the fact that Mueller had interviewed to replace James Comey just days before he was appointed as special counsel.

“He was sitting in that chair,” Mr. Trump said in the Oval Office interview. “He was up here, and he wanted the job.” Mr. Trump did not explain how the interview created a conflict of interest.

President Trump is changing up his legal team. His longtime New York lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, will be taking a lesser role. And he has now hired veteran Washington defense lawyer John Dowd to represent him in the Russian inquiry. Dowd has a long history of working with the Justice Department.

What do you think about the president’s aggressive stance with Mueller and his team?

Credit: New York Times | Jack Posobiec


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