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Trump Stands for 10th Amendment. What Does that Mean?


Trump’s team designed a new website to educate every American on what a Trump presidency will mean for the country. Among many other, the site states that the new President will veto any legislative measure that goes against the U.S. constitution.

According to the site, President Trump would veto any laws that violate Americans’ constitutional rights. It mentions the right to “free speech, religious liberty, keeping and bearing arms.” The First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution guarantee these rights.

He would also oppose regulations that “exceed Congressional authority.” Also, he will ensure the judges and Justices he nominates will interpret the laws “according to their original public meaning,” the site reads.

Trump and the 10th Amendment

But the most surprising announcement is Trump’s pledge to respect 10th Amendment. That provision limits federal government interfering with states’ businesses. Obama critics have often said that his administration strayed from what the nation’s Founders meant by states’ rights.

The new proposals are from Trump’s masterplan to “Make America Great Again.” Even the new website’s address points to that plan: www.greatagain.com.

 “Donald Trump understands the solemn duty that comes from the oath of office – swearing to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,’

the site reads in the first paragraph under the Constitutional Rights section.

Trump’s team underscored that the U.S. Constitution has such a simple language for “ordinary people” to understand it as well. This was meant to help Americans understand their rights, the powers of the government and hold public officials accountable.

Trump staffers wrote he would ensure states and their people will have a final say in “many areas of governance.”

What Does the 10th Amendment Mean?

A few lines lower, the site reads that it is a constitutional right to “be free from undue governmental abuse.” The 10th Amendment states powers which the constitution hasn’t delegated to the federal government belong to states or their people.

Also, if you read the Amendment attentively, you’ll notice that the federal government has no authority to create several agencies. For instance, there’s no constitutional basis for a Department of Education and an Environmental Protection Agency. Washington often uses these entities to control the states.

Critics have used the 10th Amendment to point out that Obamacare violates the Constitution. Obama’s signature health law forces U.S. citizens to purchase a consumer product. And there is no federal authority for that.

Moreover, constitutional experts agree that the Founders shared a common vision of what the federal power should be. So, under the U.S. constitution, any measures that lack a constitutional basis are null and void.


According to Thomas Jefferson, whenever federal government acts on “undelegated powers” its regulations are “unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” So, experts think that the Founders wanted Washington along with federal courts to limit themselves. It is worth noting, federal courts are an extension of the federal government.

In addition on the new website, Trump reiterated his commitment to building the border wall and to seeking energy independence. He will also push for a tax, trade, and healthcare reform and fix education, infrastructure, and transportation.

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