Home News Trump Friend Releases Financial Documents That Bust A Media Narrative

Trump Friend Releases Financial Documents That Bust A Media Narrative

Trump Friend Releases Financial Documents That Bust A Media Narrative

Roger Stone’s boarding passes and credit card records counter a report that the longtime Trump adviser met with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on August 4, 2016. The information, confirmed by Delta, show him arriving in Miami, Florida after a two day trip to California on August 4th, 2016. 

The Wall Street Journal claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller was examining an email that was sent to former Trump campaign official Sam Nunberg claiming Stone met with Assange on August 4, 2016.

CNN also piled on claiming the meeting had to do with DNC emails.

“I dined with Julian Assange last night,” Stone wrote in the email, according to WSJ.

The Jet Blue and Delta records, along with credit card expenses from Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica, California, show something very different.

Stone arrived in Florida at 5:43 am ET on August 4th, 2016, the day the email stated he was in England visiting the WikiLeaks founder. 

“It is not what you said you did, but what you actually did that matters,” Stone said in a statement explaining that the email “was simply a continuation of the same joke I had sarcastically made to Nunberg as I ended a prior phone call with him, after it had dragged on for far too long.”

“At all times before, during and after both that phone call and the subsequent tongue-in-cheek email that made my ‘dinner with Assange’ into a running joke, I was firmly ensconced right here in the United States of America, nowhere near London, Assange or anything even resembling foreign soil.”

“Sam, being a neurotic, would sometimes call me dozens of times throughout the day. Late one Friday night, while I was trying to get him off the phone, he asked me if I had weekend plans,” Stone continued. “I responded, ‘I think I’ll fly to London and have dinner with Julian Assange,’ adding ‘when I realized that Nunberg actually believed that I had flown to London, I simply milked the joke a little more in a subsequent email.’”

These kinds of accusations against Stone have continued since he commented in August of 2016 about “communication” with Assange. In October of 2016, he said that he had a “back channel” of communication with the WikiLeaks founder. 

Stone later described his communication with someone at WikiLeaks via radio host Randy Credico. Credico has since said that he was not Stone’s back channel. 

In fairness, though the Daily Caller did mention….


*** Editor’s note: Stone’s records supplied to The Daily Caller allegedly account for his general location from August 1-4, 2016. They do not prove his whereabouts for any other period of time, nor do they prove he did not visit London prior to or after the aforementioned dates.

At this rate Mueller, the media will probably be speculating that Mueller is going to open an investigation into how Stone and Trump are violating human cloning ethical laws to collude with Russia.

But as it turns out Stone is just being a smart ass to his liberal friends.

Credit: Daily Caller


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