Home National News Trump Goes To the Hill and Has Strong Words For Republicans Over Healthcare

Trump Goes To the Hill and Has Strong Words For Republicans Over Healthcare

Trump Goes To the Hill and Has Strong Words For Republicans Over Healthcare

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On Tuesday President Trump traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with Republicans over the vote for the repeal/replace of Obamacare. The purpose of the meeting was to influence conservative Republicans who oppose the bill to vote for it on Thursday.

During the meeting, it was reported that President Trump said Republicans who didn’t vote on the repeal would be in jeopardy of losing their seat during the midterms if they fail to support the President. NBC News reports that Republicans can only lose 21 votes to pass the measure and as of this time today 17 Republicans will vote “no.”

When speaking about the meeting the President said:

“We had a great meeting and I think we are going to get a winner vote,” Trump told reporters as he left the Capitol. “They want a tremendous health care plan, that’s what we have. There’s gonna be adjustments to it, but I think we’ll get the vote on Thursday.”

On how well the meeting went Speaker Paul Ryan said:

“President Trump was here to do what he does best, and that is to close the deal. He is all in and we are all in to end this Obamacare nightmare,” Ryan said. “This is our chance and this is our moment. It’s a big moment. And I think our members are beginning to appreciate just what kind of a rendezvous with destiny we have right here.”

During the meeting, some conservatives were called out by the President. Specifically, Mark Meadows of North Carolina. NBC News reports:

“I ask for your support. You can blame me if you want. Mark, did you hear that? You can blame me,” Trump said, according to the source.
“Oh Mark, I’m gonna come after you,” Trump added a quip that received laughter. “I hope Mark will be with us in the end.”
Meadows said that if his opposition to the GOP health care measure causes him to lose his seat, so be it.
“I serve at the pleasure of the people of North Carolina,” Meadows said. “When you serve at their pleasure, it’s only those 750,000 people that can send you home and it’s a temporary job and I’ve known that since Day One.”

On Thursday we’ll find out if the Republicans have what it takes to pass the bill in the House but, that is just one step in the process. Some Republicans are withholding support until the final version of the bill is released. The bill will then go to the Senate where it is going to take a lot more to get through. VOTE BELOW AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!


Source: NBC News


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