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Is Trump Under Investigation? Justice Department Gives Answers

Is Trump Under Investigation? Justice Department Gives Answers
The Justice Department building in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015.

Hui Chen, an anti-corruption expert, and lawyer at the Justice Department, just gave details surrounding the early resignation from her position. She’s leaving the Justice Department because of the conduct of the President.
Chen served in the department’s fraud section of the criminal division and is publicly speaking out on the struggle of working for the law enforcement arm of the government when the president dominates the headlines with what she considers to be conflicts of interest and abuses of power.
“I could have left on November 9 or January 21, but I didn’t,” Chen explained in an interview with CNN. “I liked the importance of the work and loved the people I worked with (at the Justice Department). The decision wasn’t easy.” Chen said that she experienced “cognitive dissonance” in “trying to hold companies to standards that our current administration is not living up to.”
Chen wrote in a candid post last week, “To sit across the table from companies and question how committed they were to ethics and compliance felt not only hypocritical, but very much like shuffling the deck chair(s) on the Titanic,” Chen wrote. “Even as I engaged in those questioning and evaluations, on my mind were the numerous lawsuits pending against the President of the United States for everything from violations of the Constitution to conflict of interest … and the investigators and prosecutors fired for their pursuits of principles and facts.”
There is no evidence that the President is under criminal investigation, but Chen said, “I wanted no more part in it.” No one from the Justice Department or the White House commented on her resignation. Apparently, Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was the catalyst for Chen. “That really was stunning to me,” Chen said. “I kept trying to picture a company telling us that we have a situation involving the CEO, where the lead investigator was told to ‘let it go,’ and then fired. That would not be a good story to tell the fraud section — that would not reflect well on your company’s compliance program.”
Chen said that in the future, she plans to speak, write and work toward “protecting democracy” while she also engages with the compliance community she has worked with for decades.
What do you think about the way that Hui Chen has left her position with the Department of Justice?
Credit: CNN


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