Home News Trump Just Initiated A Major Shake Up

Trump Just Initiated A Major Shake Up

Trump Just Initiated A Major Shake Up

President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, will no longer lead the legal team responding to the ongoing Russian investigations and will take a lesser role in the president’s defense. Trump has a history of appreciating Kasowitz “no-nonsense” approach to legal matters, but he is apparently not the best suited to deal with Washington’s intricate political climate.

Ty Cobb will now take the lead in administering the White House team’s response to the ongoing federal probe into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Kasowitz has worked with Trump since the early 2000’s. He has represented the president in the Trump University fraud case. This news came one day after Trump’s spokesman, Mark Corallo resigned. Corallo had never met Trump or Kasowitz before taking the spokesman post. He had a history of being critical of Trump’s team in the past.

The Washington Post has reported that the legal team around President Trump is now looking into ways to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller who is leading the Russian probe. This report came after Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Mueller was looking into Trump’s past business transactions. Trump had previously warned Mueller in a Times interview not to do so.

Kasowitz new lesser role in Trump’s team is possibly due to the scrutiny he faced when ProPublica published several profane emails he sent to an individual that challenged him to stop defending the president.

What do you think about this recent shake up on Trump’s legal team?

Credit: The Hill


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