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Trump Just Refined Travel Ban

Trump Just Refined Travel Ban

President Trump just expanded his travel ban to include restrictions on citizens from North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad. Now there are eight countries on his list covered by travel bans, an executive order slammed by critics and contested in courts. Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia remain on the list of countries in a new proclamation issued by the president. Restrictions on citizens from Sudan were lifted.

This travel ban was a promise made by Trump on the campaign trail; he vowed to tighten the immigration process as a part of his “America First” theme. This new ban does not have the time limits that the first one had, it is open-ended.

“Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet,” the president said in a tweet shortly after the new order was released.

The first ban was enacted in March and was set to expire on Sunday evening. The new process will take effect on October 18th. The addition of North Korea and Venezuela broadens the countries that were previously Muslim-majority.

Amnesty International USA, a human rights group, condemned the measures.

“Just because the original ban was especially outrageous does not mean we should stand for yet another version of government-sanctioned discrimination,” it said in a statement. “It is senseless and cruel to ban whole nationalities of people who are often fleeing the very same violence that the U.S. government wishes to keep out. This must not be normalized.”

The American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement the addition of North Korea and Venezuela “doesn’t obfuscate the real fact that the administration’s order is still a Muslim ban.”

The ACLU did not comment about Sudan being removed from the ban.

The White House maintains that the restrictions are consequences for countries that did not meet new requirements for vetting of immigrants and issuing of visas. The new requirements were shared in July with foreign governments, which had 50 days to make improvements.

The announcement came as the U.S. Supreme Court is getting ready to hear oral arguments on Oct. 10 over the legality of Trump’s first travel ban, including whether it discriminated against Muslims.

This extension of a travel ban came from policy recommendations Trump received on Friday from acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke. The president was also briefed on the matter by other administration officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a White House aide said. This new travel ban was much more organized than Trump’s first stab at a travel ban, which was revealed with little warning and caused protests at airports worldwide.

What do you think about this new open-ended ban with additional countries added to the list?

Credit: Yahoo News


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