Home News Trump Lawyer Accuses Republicans of Covering for Dems on Russian Texts

Trump Lawyer Accuses Republicans of Covering for Dems on Russian Texts

Trump Lawyer Accuses Republicans of Covering for Dems on Russian Texts

In a bizarre twist that no one expected, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow is accusing Republicans of covering up texts — for a Democrat. Sekulow was apparently following up behind Trump, who had tweeted:

Background Info

Fox News reported that Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) had been in contact with Adam Waldman. Waldman is a lobbyist for Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire that Fox News claims has “firm ties” to Hillary Clinton. This is tied to a series of leaked text messages from Warner attempting to contact Christopher Steele, the author of the Steele dossier.

Warner is a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The alleged cover-up by Republicans comes into play because Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) defended Warner, stating on Twitter:

Sen. Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. Has had zero impact on our work.

Trump’s lawyer Sekulow countered by stating:

It may have zero impact on his work. I’m not so sure it has zero impact on the United States. Republicans are covering for him.

To Sum It All Up

As the collusion controversy around the 2016 presidential election continues to heat up for Trump, more attacks on ranking Democrats should be expected. There has been a definite pattern evolving from the Trump administration.

This may be just the opening volley on a full-scale attack on Warner, or it could be the entirety of it. When Trump’s personal lawyer jumps into the fray attacking members of the president’s own party, the only certainty is that we probably need more popcorn.

The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller will continue. We will probably be seeing more back and forth attacks from both sides. Trump is becoming more volatile with the increased scrutiny from Mueller and is highly defensive. He will continue to attack Democrats and tries to deflect onto Hillary Clinton and any other convenient target. Dems will continue to get more defensive also.

It appears that everyone has forgotten how to take that high road.


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