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Trump On Illegal Immigration: “Women Are Raped At Levels Nobody’s Ever Seen”

Trump On Illegal Immigration: “Women Are Raped At Levels Nobody’s Ever Seen”

President Trump flashed back to some of his campaign rhetoric this week saying illegal immigrants were “criminals” and “rapists” as he went totally off script at a roundtable on Thursday. In fact, Trump threw away his planned comments at the West Virginia event noting that what he was supposed to say at the tax reform gathering was pretty “boring.”

Trump’s tirade on immigration suggested that it is impossible to know the backgrounds of people coming across the border illegally and whether they are “thugs” or “killers” and “murderers.”

As the president was describing the journey to the U.S. from Mexico, he said it was now being proven that “women are raped at levels nobody’s ever seen before.” He cited a report revealed on Thursday. A White House spokesperson said later that Trump was referring to an LA Times article from Tuesday. 

The article said, “Robberies, rapes and assaults — perpetrated by smugglers, cartel members and Mexican immigration agents — are common. In one incident in 2010, 72 kidnapped migrants were killed by a cartel in northern Mexico.”

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in statement on Trump’s comments that the violence is a “well-established fact” and that “women and young girls are brutally victimized on the journey north.”

This all harkens back to a 2016 campaign speech in which Candidate Trump characterized illegal immigrants coming into the United States via the southern border as criminals and rapists.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” he said at the 2015 event.

Trump even referenced the campaign remarks on Thursday as he spoke at a roundtable that was supposed to be a tax reform event. “Remember my opening remarks at Trump Tower? When I opened, everybody said, ‘Oh, he’s so tough.’ I used the word rape,” he said. “And yesterday, it came out, this journey coming up, women are raped at levels nobody’s ever seen before. They don’t want to mention that.”

Trump continued in his unrehearsed tirade: “The United States’ immigration laws are ‘insanity.’ We’re gonna have our wall. We’re going to get it very strongly. The military’s going to be building some of it.”


What do you think about Trump returning to such inflammatory language? Watch the CNN clip below and let us know what you think.

Credit: Daily Mail


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