Home National News Trump Onslaughts the Media For 60 Mins and Detailed A ‘Mess’

Trump Onslaughts the Media For 60 Mins and Detailed A ‘Mess’

Trump Onslaughts the Media For 60 Mins and Detailed A ‘Mess’

For over an hour President Trump attacked the press for what he called reporting “fake news”. To start the press conference President Trump announced all the achievements that have happened since he has been president. He then listed all of the issues he felt the former president messed up.

President Trump stated that a bill for the repeal/replace of Obamacare will be announced in early March and tax reform will be announced in late March. The President continued his resolve to build the wall and said: “I will get the cost down like I have with all the other deals that I negotiated for the government.”

Throughout the conference, the President slammed the media continually as he took questions from the press. At one point President Trump said:

“The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people.”

To get an example here is a video of how testy the press conference was here is the exchange with CNN:

When taking questions about intelligence leaks the President stated that he does not think an outside panel will be needed to investigate. President Trump said that he hopes the leaders of the agencies can straighten things out. During the press conference, the President slammed the Wall Street Journal saying the report that intelligence is being withheld from him is completely false. The director of the NSA this afternoon came out and debunked the claim saying it is absolutely false.

After the media received it’s 60 plus minute tongue lashing from the President they went to their keyboards and were furious. Chuck Todd tweeted:


Lastly, the President said that next week a revised executive action will be signed that will revolve around the 9th Circuit decision. President Trump said ‘extreme vetting’ has already started.

Everyone that watched the press conference has said the same thing ‘it was one for the ages’. The media is fit to be tied about the way he talked to them. This will play really well with his base they will love the way he slammed Democrats and how he bashed the media. If you’re a Democrat they’ll be upset that he had the audacity to question the press and slam him for the way he spoke of Democrats. Don’t take our word for it if you would like to watch the entire press conference click here. 


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