Home News Trump pleads with Republicans not to ‘cave’ as McConnell readies new bill

Trump pleads with Republicans not to ‘cave’ as McConnell readies new bill

Trump pleads with Republicans not to ‘cave’ as McConnell readies new bill

As the Senate with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the helm, works on legislation that would fun both the government and the border wall, President Donald Trump urged his fellow Republicans not to cave and give in to the Democrats demands.

“Without a Wall our Country can never have Border or National Security. With a powerful Wall or Steel Barrier, Crime Rates (and Drugs) will go substantially down all over the U.S.,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

“The Dems know this but want to play political games. Must finally be done correctly. No Cave!”

The president’s admonition came on the 32nd day of the partial government shutdown, and just three days after a proposed compromise was extended, and promptly refused by Democrats.

The president offered an extension for DACA as part of his olive branch to Democrats, in hopes of reaching a compromise that would allow Democrats to vote “yes” to his demand for over $5 billion in funding for a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

“At the core of the stalemate is Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion in wall funding, something that Democrats have rejected outright. Instead, Democratic leaders have said they will back $1.3 billion for border security and have passed a series of measures in the Democratic-controlled House to re-open the government, bills that Republicans reject absent wall funding,” Fox News reported.

McConnell’s bill, which the president is supporting, is modeled after the president’s proposal and the Republicans hope that it will pressure Democrats into signing off on it.

“The bill will likely need 60 votes in the Senate, meaning McConnell needs at least seven Democrats to break off and join the 53 Republicans in the chamber,” according to Fox News.

According to the news giant, not all 53 of the Republican votes are assured, in this situation, as many conservatives don’t agree with extending “amnesty” for Dreamers.


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