Home News Trump promises executive action against pro-choice movement

Trump promises executive action against pro-choice movement

Trump promises executive action against pro-choice movement

President Donald Trump addressed those gathered at the March for Life in Washington D.C. on Friday, reminding his constituents of the strides taken by his administration in an effort to protect unborn life.

“During my first week in office, I reinstated the Mexico City policy. We have taken bold action to protect the religious freedoms of doctors, nurses, and charities, like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

“We issued a new proposal to prohibit title 10 taxpayer funding from going to any clinic to any clinic that performs abortions.”

“We are supporting the loving choice of adoption and foster care, including through the support of faith-based adoption services, and I am supporting the US senate’s effort to make the Hyde amendments, which prohibits taxpayer funding for abortion in spending bills,” Trump went on.

“Today I have signed a letter to Congress to make clear that if they send any legislation to my desk that weakens the protection of human life, I will issue a veto and we have the support to uphold those vetos.

“Every child is a sacred gift from God,” Trump said in the message.

Vice President Pence called Trump a “champion” for pro-life advocates.

“President Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history,” Pence told the crowd.

“Let me be clear — I am pro-life,” Trump wrote in 2016. “I did not always hold this position, but I had a significant personal experience that brought the precious gift of life into perspective for me.”

Other lawmakers also spoke at the event, including Democratic Representative Dan Lipinski (Ill.), one of the few Democrats in Congress who opposes abortion and one who has faced a tough time with the Democratic primaries.

“We’ve got Republicans, Independents, Democrats, but we’re all here because we agree on one thing: Every life is sacred and needs to be protected,” Lipinski said, according to The Hill.


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