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Trump Quietly Creating Power Play The Could Last Decades

Trump Quietly Creating Power Play The  Could Last Decades

President Trump has been getting bogged down because of all scandals and roadblocks the media (and himself) keep bringing up, but Trump has been extremely quiet about his lifetime appointments to fill the 100 empty seats in federal courts all over the country.

As of the beginning of August, Trump has successfully seated five judges and has 30 pending. It’s assumed that his goal is to fill the remaining 123 seats that are empty according to The Hill. If Trump can successfully fill this judiciary branch, he could leave a legacy that lasts through several future presidents.

Dan Goldberg, legal director of the liberal Alliance for Justice, stated the vast influence Trump has by seating these judges:

“It can’t be overstated the impact the individual’s he’s appointing will have on millions of people across the country and their children for a generation or two. The Supreme court only hears about 80 cases a year. 99 percent of cases end in the federal courts of appeal or at the trial level.”

Trump’s largest achievement of his presidency so far is that he seated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. When Trump opposition points to the fact that nothing is getting done under him, Gorsuch becomes a quick point to say otherwise. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated the following when asked how he would explain the party’s failure to repeal ObamaCare:

“Well, we have a new Supreme Court Justice. We have 14 repeals of regulations. And we’re only six months into it. Last time I looked, Congress goes on for two years.”

There is a very high possibility that Trump will appoint a second Supreme Court Justice during his term, but the reality is that he will have more influence with the circuit courts. Ilya Shapiro, a conservative Federalist Society member, said that when Obama became president, only one of the 13 circuit courts had a majority of judges picked by Democrats.

The Senate has confirmed two nominees to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals: Kentucky natives Amul Thapar and John Bush. Trump’s decision to bring on Bush has stirred an incredible amount of controversy. Goldberg stated his disinterest in Trump’s pick of Bush saying the following:

“This is an individual who had no right being a federal judge. There are a lot of Republican lawyers out there who the president could have nominated, but instead, he nominated someone who had an anonymous blog and used it to express fringe views and extreme hostility to people of different communities.”

Goldberg is referring to the fact that Bush wrote under the pseudonym, “G. Morris” on a blog titled, ‘Elephantsinthebluegrass.com.’ In that blog, Bush said both Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott v. Sandford were “the two greatest tragedies in our countries.” Bush also pushed several articles about former President Obama’s connections to Kenya.

It’s currently assumed that Damien Schiff will be next in line to become a judge of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Schiff is another well-known blogger who has been rejected by Democrats and others. In his posts, Schiff has called out Anthony Kennedy for being a “judicial prostitute” and has even criticized a school for their anti-bullying initiative for allegedly “teaching gayness” in schools.

The executive vice president for policy at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights recently made the following statement about Damien Schiff’s next move:

“Damien Schiff, whose pending on the floor now, will be the next big moment where all 100 senators have to decide if they are going to be a rubber stamp. Schiff’s appointment is not technically a lifetime appointment, but it is. Judges on the U.S. Federal Claims Court have 15 years they can serve as senior judges for the rest of their lives.”

Lawyer Kevin Newsom is one of the confirmed judges and will be taking a seat on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Idaho Trial Court Judge David Nye has been re-nominated by Trump as the judge for the U.S. District Court for Idaho.

When the Senate returns from recess, the Judiciary Committee will weigh in on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the 7th Circuit of Appeals. Barrett is a law professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School and has been very vocal about how Catholic judges should put their faith ahead of the law.

While Trump is making incredible strides in the form of Judicial nominations, Conservatives are getting frustrated by the Democrats stalling his process. They state that under the “blue slip” process, Senators are being required to sign off on nominees from their home state, but they just don’t return the paper if they object to the nominee.

An example of this is how Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet from Colorado has not returned his slip for Colorado Supreme Court Judge, Alison Ed. Ed was nominated to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the slips went out, but the Senate Judiciary Committee hasn’t received the slip back, presumably because Bennet wants to allow roadblocks to stop Trump.

Countless more politicians are holding back their slips but liberals rejecting the notion that they are intentionally impeding the progress. According to some liberal groups, the only reason there are so many seats to fill is that Republicans didn’t negotiate with Obama.

Lucius, a former staff director for the Senate Judiciary Committee, addressed the Democrats logic stating the following:

“I don’t think we’ve seen Democrats saying ‘i’m not going to return my blue slip as a matter of course. The question is what process are Democrats in the Senate going to require? The Senate has two roles, not just one: advise and consent. Home-state senators are supposed to be advising who to nominate.”

Though many people criticized Trump for ‘outsourcing’ his process to others, many of those groups think it’s a genius idea. “Elections have consequences. It can’t be understated that judicial nominations, being lifetime appointments, are huge,” said Shapiro. “And given my perspective, I’m glad this is an area President Trump is deferring to people who have good ideas about this sort of thing and running the process smoothly.”

What do you think about Trump’s decision to outsource all these critical decisions? Let us know below!

Credit: The Hill


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