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Trump Releases Plan to Fill Federal Judiciary

Trump Releases Plan to Fill Federal Judiciary

President Trump named ten judges and other law professionals on Monday that he plans to nominate for major posts to the nation’s federal courts. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said that the nominees are individuals previous named on Trump’s list of 21 possible picks for the Supreme Court. The president is committed to placing more conservative judges in the federal court system.

According to the report, President Trump will nominate Judges John K. Bush of Kentucky and Joan Larsen of Michigan for the bench of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. David Stras of Minnesota will be nominated for the 8th Circuit. Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana will be appointed to serve on the 7th Circuit. Kevin Newsom of Alabama will be chosen to sit on the 11th Circuit. Also to be nominated for federal court positions are David Nye of Idaho, Scott L. Palk of Oklahoma and Damien M. Schiff of California. And the president will also nominate two people for federal judgeships: Dabney L. Friedrich of Washington, D.C., and Terry F. Moorer of Alabama.

In light of how powerful the federal court system has been in halting several executive orders President Trump has signed, these nominations come with even greater importance for future orders and laws advanced through Congress and the Executive Office. It was federal judges who derailed Trump’s proposed travel ban and his order to withhold funding from “sanctuary cities” that limit cooperation with immigration authorities.

All of these nominations have to be confirmed with Senate approval. Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was swift, only taking 66 days, but emotionally divisive. The Republicans had to go to the “nuclear option” to eliminate the 60-vote filibuster threshold. Gorsuch was able to be approved by a simple majority.

This is what Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, had to say about Trump’s list for the federal court system:
“With this first slate of lower court nominees, it seems that the President is intent on continuing to outsource the judicial selection process to hard right, special interest groups rather than consulting with Senators on a bipartisan basis. The president should work with members of both parties to pick judges from within the judicial mainstream, who will interpret the law rather than make it.”

What do you think about this slate of nominees for the federal courts?


Credit: Associated Press


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