Home News Trump says “no” to immigrants who are “on welfare”

Trump says “no” to immigrants who are “on welfare”

Trump says “no” to immigrants who are “on welfare”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, President Donald Trump told reporters that he doesn’t want immigrants coming to the United States to be dependent on the government.

“I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on welfare,” Trump told the conservative news organization during an Oval Office interview that lasted over 40 minutes.

This revelation was in response to a statistic cited by one of Breitbart’s editors, which said that 60 percent of noncitizen families entering the United States land on some type of welfare, as opposed to 35 percent of households headed by native-born Americans.

“We have a problem, because we have politicians that are not strong, or they have bad intentions, or they want to get votes, because they think if they come in they’re going to vote Democrat, you know, for the most part.”

The same statistic quoted by reporters showed that households headed by noncitizens that contained children are even more likely to depend on the government with almost 80 percent on some type of assistance.

“They’ll take anybody into this country and we’re not allowing it, but because of the success of the country economically, some people say — I blame myself, but that’s a good blame, not a bad blame — but because of the country’s success and you need workers here,” Trump said.

“You do need workers. You have homes in Houston, and they can’t get people to build the homes — and lots of other places. But because of what’s happened, and because of the people coming up, they want them to come in and they don’t care how they come in.”


“I don’t want people that need welfare,” Trump said. “We owe a lot of money. We’re taking care of everybody in the world’s military.

“We shouldn’t be paying for this. They should be paying their own way, and we can help them, but we shouldn’t be paying for — and by the way, here’s a beauty. We pay for their military defense and then they take advantage of us on trade in addition. It used to be in order to have the trade we take care of them — but they get us both ways.”


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