Home National News Trump Signs “Double Barreled” Pro-American Worker Executive Order

Trump Signs “Double Barreled” Pro-American Worker Executive Order

Trump Signs “Double Barreled” Pro-American Worker Executive Order

Some are calling the most recent executive order “double-barreled.” President Trump will sign the executive order on Tuesday that will tighten guest worker visas and require agencies to buy more goods and services from American companies and employees. The executive order is dubbed “Buy American, Hire American,” and the president will sign it while visiting Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This new order combines aspects of immigration policy with federal procurement regulations. President Trump is using the action to move forward with his philosophy of economic nationalism. This process enables a presidential advance without the lengthy waiting process of moving it through Congress. This executive order will in no doubt need the president’s cabinet secretaries to fully investigate what the president can legally do and not do.

The “double-barreled,” “buy American, hire American” order targets the H-1B visa program with has allowed 85,000 foreign workers into the United States each year to take high skilled jobs with U.S. companies. This program is widely popular with the information technology industry which Trump charged with “importing low-wage workers on H-1B visas to take jobs from young college-trained Americans.” This order does not go as far as the one to two-year moratorium on new skilled worker visas that Trump called for during his campaign. It also comes too late to have a real effect on this year’s Visa season. This order will not target the H-2B seasonal worker visa which the president, himself, uses to staff his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The executive order will also tighten the waivers and exemptions that agencies have used to sidestep procurement laws that favor American-made goods. It will require companies to look carefully at whether foreign governments are using unfair trade practices when they look for the lowest bidders. The order will require transportation projects to use steel “melted and poured” in the United States. The president will sign this order in Wisconsin, a state that helped him win the election due to his strong appeal to blue-collar workers and his promise to revive the American manufacturing industry.

What do you think about this “double-barreled” executive order?


Credit: MSN News


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