Home News Trump Threatens Shutdown and Targets the Senate

Trump Threatens Shutdown and Targets the Senate

Trump Threatens Shutdown and Targets the Senate

The President erupted on Tuesday threatening a shutdown attacking Republicans and Democrats. President Trump was furious over the optics that he took a loss in the spending bill and in a series of tweets. Doing the President’s furor he even eluded that “maybe the government needs a good shutdown.” CNBC reports:

In tweets, the president contended that the agreement — which funds the government through Sept. 30 — shows that Republicans must get more senators elected or change the Senate’s rules so they can push spending through with only a majority vote, rather than 60. He then wrote that the country “needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September” to fix a “mess.”

The tweets came after Congress reached a compromise to keep the government open that they appear set to pass with Trump’s signature this week. The deal did not include funding for a wall on the Southern border, which Trump initially called for, and includes less money for border security and defense than Trump sought, according to NBC News.
Republicans need Democratic votes to pass the spending bill even though they control both chambers of Congress.
Trump later Tuesday cast the “hotly-contested” budget as a win for the White House, highlighting a military funding increase without a corresponding rise in non-defense spending and a boost in funding for border security.
Just last week, Trump blamed Democrats for what he called a desire to shut down the government, a charge that Democratic leaders denied. He called the possibility of national parks getting closed “terrible.”

Republicans immediately issued statements they felt that a shutdown was a bad idea.

“He clearly hasn’t served in the legislative body. Had we not had the filibuster this country would have been gone a long time [ago], would have gone straight to socialism,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “I’m gonna talk to him about it. I’ll get him back on line.”

It is not for certain that the President really wants a shutdown and often makes rash comments to get people’s attention. One thing is for certain if Congressional Republicans don’t start getting it together the President may start coming after them.


Source: CNBC


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