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Trump Tweets Hint That This Was the Plan All Along

Trump Tweets Hint That This Was the Plan All Along

As the news cycle began to run with the fact that Senate Republicans failed to pass a replacement for the ACA, the President issued some tweets that indicate what his plan may have been all a long.
It started last week….
Soon after the Cruz amendment was not widely accepted the Senator made the statement that he would fully support a repeal with no replacement. Then over the weekend Administration officials began touting that just a repeal should be expected, specifically Tom Price.
During the campaign, the President regularly touted that he would repeal and consistently took heat from moderates saying “you’re going to replace it right?” Meanwhile, those are the far right just wanted the bill repealed. However, throughout the process of passing a replacement, the President seemed not to be engaged at all. The President didn’t put a bill together, and he didn’t involve himself in the process on the Hill. Then this morning he tweets this:

Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets

Based off that series of tweets it looks like the President knew that Senate was never going to pass a bill and just rode the wave to get to this point. The President never submitted a healthcare bill the House did so “his” bill wasn’t tossed, and he can blame it on Congress just like he did today:

Trump tweet

Now that appears to be the strategy the next question would be, is that good for America? The ACA is struggling, and healthcare costs in America are a mess; a plan would be nice, some leadership would be better. However, things seem to stay politics as usual. The left continues to push single payer, the GOP seems clueless, and the President can blame Obama/Democrats for the ACA. As a result, it appears the rest of us are stuck in health care purgatory.

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