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Trump’s Actions: Presidential Or Anything But

Trump’s Actions:  Presidential Or Anything But

President Trump has become known for his unique sense of humor and way of doing things. Just when you think he will act like every other billionaire, he does the exact opposite. In an interview with Business Insider, Trump’s close friend Roger Stone talks about how fun the President really is:

“He’s just a lot of fun, and interestingly, he can talk comfortably with anybody. For a guy who’s a billionaire, he’s not an elite. He would rather sit down and eat with a bunch of cab drivers than a bunch of Fortune 500 executives. He’s a man of simple tastes. He likes a cheeseburger; he likes comfort food like meatloaf. He’s really a lot of fun to be with. He’s a regular guy and he’s got a great sense of humor.”

While that has been proven true by many friends and those close to Trump, it proves true in his various activities as President. Take Trump’s welcoming of Truckers to the White House on Thursday. In a video posted on Twitter, President Trump climbed aboard a Mack truck which was parked on the White House lawn and pretended to drive it while honking the horn.

Trump spent Thursday meeting with CEOs from the trucking industry and humorously wore a “I <3 TRUCKS” pin on his suit.  During the meeting with industry leaders, Trump welcomed them saying:

“I am honored to welcome all of the many truckers and … industry leaders to the White House. America depends on you, and you work very hard for America.”

He doesn’t flaunt himself like a billionaire but he doesn’t look like a President either. But maybe that’s what America needs right now. Just an average person who has success and wants to see America become great again and the people become great again.


Credit: The Hill | Business Insider


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