Home News Trump’s Comms Director Is Out and More Changes are To Come

Trump’s Comms Director Is Out and More Changes are To Come

Trump’s Comms Director Is Out and More Changes are To Come

It hasn’t been a secret that Trump’s communication team is well…awful and there certainly have been numerous rumors confirming such. Additionally, right before the President left on his nine-day trip two familiar faces reappeared Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie. The media is claiming that they are going to take on a more crisis management approach, however, rumors from Trump people (not White Staffers or reporters) is that they may take positions.

Mike Dubke, President Donald Trump’s communications director, has resigned as Trump considers a larger personnel shakeup to confront the growing scandals weighing down his administration. Dubke, who spoke with POLITICO as he drove into the White House early Tuesday morning, said he expects to go back to Black Rock Group, his communications, and public affairs firm. The White House has not announced a successor for Dubke, and it’s unclear when exactly his last day will be. Axios first reported the news of his departure.

“The reasons for my departure are personal, but it has been my great honor to serve President Trump and this administration,” Dubke emailed friends this morning. “It has also been my distinct pleasure to work side-by-side, day-by-day with the staff of the communications and press departments. This White House is filled with some of the finest and hardest working men and women in the American Government.”

Dubke is the first in a series of moves that will slowly change staff inside the White House. There is also word from the Trump camp (not leakers or staffers) that Priebus will be “transitioned” to the Ambassador of Greece and McMaster will move in as Chief of Staff.

Do you think these changes will help or hurt the Trump Administration?


Source: Politico


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