Home Politics Trump’s Plan To Jab The Media…Daily

Trump’s Plan To Jab The Media…Daily

Trump’s Plan To Jab The Media…Daily

It’s not a mystery that many people have been talking about Donald Trump’s inauguration turnout. Although he most likely has the most viewers of all time (thanks to Facebook), he definitely didn’t have the turnout that Obama did.

However, President Trump plans to place a panoramic photo of his inauguration day in the West Wing. He announced on twitter that it would hang there for all the reporters to see his still skeptical record-setting turnout.

Trump didn’t comment on the arguments over his attendance but simply told his Twitter followers that the photo came on Monday and that it “will be displayed in the upper/lower press hall.” The upper and lower press halls are the location where news officials can work before and after a press release.

During former President Obama’s time in office, the West Wing housed images of the different activities Obama was recently a part of. In his last few weeks in office, they changed the pictures to the important events during his eight years.

Although the image is beautiful, it’s not without its errors. The photographer accidentally placed January 21st in the date instead of January 20th for the inauguration date. But regardless, the image also makes it look like there are tons of people at the inauguration which is still debatable. What do you think about this image? Let us know in the comments below!



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