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How Trump’s Refugee Fix Isn’t Really a ‘Fix’ At All

How Trump’s Refugee Fix Isn’t Really a ‘Fix’ At All

On Friday, Trump’s executive order suspended the entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days and banned refugees from Syria indefinitely. It also prohibits any citizen from any of seven Muslim-majority countries to enter over the next 90 days, including tourists or those coming on business. Some would call this a great and necessary step of action. And those ‘some’ are the people also known as Trump supporters. For just about everyone else, Trump’s power move is more detrimental than anything.

Those who have unwavering support for the new president continue in their allegiance because his presidency has not looked much different from his campaigning. He says what he wants and does what he wants, it’s all about ACTION. The promises he’s made are built on a foundation of fear that reverberates deeply with many American frustrations and worries.

I understand. And I get it. I want my children and their children and all of our country to be safe and happy, too. I, too, would do anything to keep my family from harm. But I think there is more to it. Trump’s executive order is perfectly aligned with his personality, bulldozing through with action, without any thoughtful consideration or care. To be considered a “refugee,” you must be someone who has been forced to flee your country because of persecution, war, or violence. These displaced groups then experience desperate living conditions for years and years. For those that are lucky enough to get the opportunity of resettlement, they undergo extensive background checks and screening as part of a very in-depth vetting process.

Yet this is the group that Trump has targeted with his swift blanket move of action. If he’s going to take action, it would seem wise to, at the very least, direct that action towards the countries from which actual lethal terrorists have come from. Not one person in the United States has been the victim of a fatal terrorist attack by any person from any of the seven countries included in the ban. And one more factual quote for you to read very carefully: “No person accepted to the United States as a refugee, Syrian or otherwise, has been implicated in a major fatal terrorist attacksince before 1980, when the Refugee Act set up systematic procedures for accepting refugees.

So what is Trump’s executive order good for? It’s good for those who support Trump, so they can feel like ‘something, anything’ is being done to protect them and calm the paralyzing fears that he is so good at stirring up. It’s a simple solution to a very complex issue. And more often than not, simple solutions only lead to greater strife.

****Editors Note**** – On Friday night a Bush-appointed Federal Judge Block the “Travel Ban”, the case will be appealed in the 9th Circuit, which means this most likely will end up being heard by the Supreme Court.


Source: CNN, UN


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