Home News Trump’s SOTU speech was a home run – poll

Trump’s SOTU speech was a home run – poll

Trump’s SOTU speech was a home run – poll

A CBS News poll found that 76 percent of those who heard President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday evening viewed it in a favorable light.

The same poll found that only 24 percent disapproved of it, however, the poll also pointed out that the viewing audience was more heavily Republican than the general population.

“In the latest CBS national poll released last month, 25 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans,” CBS reported. “Among those who watched Tuesday night’s address, that figure was 43 percent, and Republicans helped bolster the overall approval of the address.”

The same poll found that a whopping 97 percent of Republicans approved of the speech as well as “most independents” and 30 percent of Democrats.

“Fifty-six of Americans who watched tonight feel the president’s speech will do more to unite the country, rather than divide it, although 36 percent don’t think it will change things much,” CBS reported.

Only one-third of those questioned said that they think the speech will help the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi work together in the future and 63 percent said there wouldn’t be much change.

Based on the content of the speech, 71 percent of those who heard Tuesday’s address feel that there is indeed a crisis at the southern border, along with 78 percent who believe the president should have a second meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.


The poll was, “based on 1,472 interviews of U.S. adults who watched the State of the Union address on Tuesday night,” CBS reported.

“The survey was conducted by YouGov using a representative sample of 9,322 U.S. adults who were initially interviewed online between Feb. 1 to 4, 2019, to indicate whether they planned to watch the address, and if they were willing to be re-interviewed after the address. Only those who watched the address were included in the analysis.”


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