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Tump Needs To Close the Door On Missing American Like He PROMISED

Tump Needs To Close the Door On Missing American Like He PROMISED

When one has the desire to travel overseas, they never think that anything bad could happen; that they could become a POW (prisoner of war). As a private investigator and former agent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert A. Levinson knew exactly what traveling pertained and especially in the Middle East. It was in March of 2007 that the United States caught wind of the missing American. There were not many answers as the Iranian Government was doing little to help. However, after much deliberation, Iran began “cooperate”.

The New York Times writes,

“To bolster that promise, Iranian officials secretly informed the Obama administration that they had received intelligence that the remains of an American had been buried in Balochistan, a rugged, lawless region in western Pakistan that borders Afghanistan and Iran.”

However, when US officials investigated, no remains were found. The conclusion is Iran had a hand in kidnapping Mr. Levinson. Now a decade passing with nothing to come of the search.

Today, though “the Trump administration faces a decision about what steps to take, if any, to bring a resolution of his case. As a candidate, President Trump vowed in 2015 to bring Mr. Levinson home, and the Levinson family has asked to meet with him in hopes he will take a more aggressive stance toward getting answers than President Barack Obama did.” What do President Trump and his administration plan on doing now that President Obama has left office? The question that has American officials asking is: Is Robert Levinson even alive? It’s been a decade and officials believe he died in captivity.

That is not what Christine Levinson, wife of Robert Levinson thinks. “Iran knows exactly what is going on with Bob, and they need to tell the U.S.”. The biggest lead came in 2010 “when videotape showing Mr. Levinson as a prisoner gave no hint about who was holding him, F.B.I. investigators concluded that the video was so artfully staged that it was probably made by a state-sponsored intelligence group such as a unit of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.”

If this was the doings of the Iranian Government, why hide this so long while allowing this video into US hands? Why lie about kidnapping him if not to say anything? It seems to be though that all the Levinson family wants is for Robert to be home.


Sources:New York Times


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