Home News Tweets Reveal the Possibility That the White House Had A Plan to Deal With Comey All Along

Tweets Reveal the Possibility That the White House Had A Plan to Deal With Comey All Along

Tweets Reveal the Possibility That the White House Had A Plan to Deal With Comey All Along

This morning the President tweet that before Comey starts leaking to the press he better hope they are not any “tapes.” No one is sure if the “tapes” are recorded phone calls from the White House or the FBI. Or are the “tapes” secret recordings done by the White House when Comey was present. The Daily Mail reports:

Trump said Thursday during an interview with NBC News that the two men have spoken at least three times since Inauguration Day.
And on those occasions, he insisted, Comey assured him that he was not personally the subject of any federal investigations.
‘He said it once at dinner and then he said it twice during phone calls,’ Trump said.
He described a matter-of-fact exchange over dinner in which he asked an unusual question and got an unconventional response.
‘I said, “If it’s possible would you let me know, am I under investigation?” Trump recalled.
‘He said, “You are not under investigation”.’

It is rare for a federal law enforcement official to tell anyone, including the President of the United States, whether they are being investigated.
Even if Comey doesn’t speak to reporters about the circumstances behind his dismissal on Tuesday, he may have a high-profile venue to tell his side of the story.
The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked him to testify next week.
The latest twist from Trump amid reports that he demanded loyalty from James Comey during the private dinner at the White House back in January.
The claims from associates of the now fired FBI director. Comey had told associates that he was summoned to the White House for a one-on-one dinner with Trump seven days after the inauguration, the New York Times reports.
It was during the dinner that Trump reportedly asked Comey twice to pledge loyalty to him as the new Commander in Chief.
Sources claim Comey declined to do so but said he told the President he would always be honest with him.
Trump is said to have pressed Comey on whether that would be ‘honest loyalty’, to which the FBI director said: ‘You will have that.’ Sources close to Comey said he now believes this dinner conversation may have sealed his fate.
This version of events is vastly different to the dinner conversation Trump himself described in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on Thursday

Time will tell if any tapes exist however, it certainly will be interesting if they do. Do you think the President recorded Comey?


Source: Daily Mail


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