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Unbridled: Mueller Broadens the Expedition

Unbridled: Mueller Broadens the Expedition

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has pulled the trigger and subpoenaed the Trump Organization as part of the investigation into whether the president’s team colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, according to the New York Times on Thursday.

Mueller ordered the organization to hand over documents related to Russia. But the breadth of the subpoena is not immediately known and it is also not clear why Mueller subpoenaed the organization for these documents instead of simply asking for them.

This recent move probably means the special counsel investigation will continue for at least several more months. Trump’s lawyers previously insisted on a much more quick ending.

This latest move comes after it was reported earlier in the month that Mueller has been asking witnesses about Trump’s business dealings in Russia, but this is the first actual request for documents directly related to Russia.

What do you think about this information being subpoenaed?


Credit: The Hill


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