Home News US Makes Another Jaw Dropping Move Against North Korean Aggression

US Makes Another Jaw Dropping Move Against North Korean Aggression

US Makes Another Jaw Dropping Move Against North Korean Aggression

The U.S. is again deploying military weapons to South Korea in what looks to be a show of strength to the North.

The United States recently sent several attack drones to South Korea, an act that came just after the U.S. sent several weaponized ships to that same area.

The drones are Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and are technically being placed in South Korea as part of a new plan designed by the U.S. The country recently decided to deploy a unit of drones with every division in the U.S. Army a military spokesman said on Monday. United States Forces Korea spokesman Christopher Bush revealed why the drones have been sent:

“The UAS adds significant intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability to U.S. Forces Korea and our ROK partners.”

The Gray Eagle will be remote controlled and stationed at Kunsan Air Base. The base is approximately located 112 miles south of Seoul.

Although the U.N. has issued new sanctions against certain weapon testing, North Korea has recently conducted two nuclear tests and several missile tests since last year. The tests have put several countries on their toes and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations even said, “all options are on the table.”

With this information out, moving the THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea make many wonder if something could happen soon. On March 7th, the U.S moved the first portion of their Terminal High Altitude Area Defense(THAAD) system to the South. The Chinese have become angered towards this decision as the THAAD radar could theoretically see beyond North Korea and into China.


The decision to move the technology there will soon come under fire as South Korea is about to hold a presidential election. That election will most likely have the THAAD system as a major issue.

Credit: Yahoo News


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