Home News Vice President Pence Is Courting Behind Closed Doors

Vice President Pence Is Courting Behind Closed Doors

Vice President Pence Is Courting Behind Closed Doors

It’s often hard to get a handle on the exact job description of a vice president. Their duties vary from presiding over the Senate with the all important vote in a tie to visiting elementary schools and reading to children.

Vice President Mike Pence has been giving a primary portion of his time to courting influential political donors at dinners and events at the Naval Observatory, according to the New York Times.

The Times has reported that Mike and Karen Pence have personally hosted at least four dinners for prominent donors at the vice president’s residence. They have entertained Charles Schwab and hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin as guests. And they have hosted other guests who were large donors to Trump and Pence in the midst of their presidential campaign last year. These are the same people who are seen as likely supporters of the Trump agenda, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper also reported that world leaders, members of Congress, military families, civic leaders and personal friends have been on the invite list for dinners with Mike and Karen Pence.

A spokesperson for the vice president, Marc, Lotter, told “The Hill” that the dinners allow Mike Pence to discuss the president’s accomplishments and agenda. He also said that there have been no political fundraisers held at the residence.

“The Vice President and Mrs. Pence consider it a great honor to host military families, lawmakers, world leaders, members of Congress, friends, civic and corporate leaders, and the President and Mrs. Trump at the Vice President’s Residence,” Lotter said in a statement.

Mike Pence has recently headlined fundraisers in Indianapolis, and he will host an event in Columbus, Ohio. Pence had what seemed like a spontaneous visit with GOP mega-donor Charle Koch in Colorado last month. This was just before the Koch brothers’ network donor meeting.

Vice presidents can do many different things in their official role. Pence has seemed to find a valuable place at the dinner table in his residence. What do you think about the way he and his wife have been courting influential people?

Credit: The Hill


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