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Vice President Pence Has One Word for Democrats

Vice President Pence Has One Word for Democrats

Vice President Mike Pence has one word for Democrats…

“This Republican party has been on a roll ever since inauguration day, we are on a roll in special elections around the country if you haven’t noticed,” Pence told a jubilant crowd of supporters at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. “President Trump promised we’d get tired of winning, and a lot of people in the media are getting tired of us winning, but they better get used to it,” he continued.

The vice president kept the optimism flowing as he described the policy victories the Trump administration has won. He was speaking to a crowd of predominantly young professionals at the Maverick Pac gathering in D.C. Pence noted record gains in the Dow as an indication of new-found confidence in the economy. He celebrated the president’s executive order that cut regulations and will potentially save businesses more than $18 billion annually. The goal of his rallying speech was to convince his listeners to devote themselves to helping Republicans continue their streak of electoral victories.

“Under President Donald Trump and because of the support of great Republicans in this room and all across the country, we are four for four in special elections, and we are going to keep on winning all the way through 2018 and 2020 and beyond,” he continued.

Vice President Pence acknowledged the opposition from Democrats to Trump’s agenda. “As you know the hard work still lies ahead. It’s going to be a challenge to finish the job on health care, on taxes, and everything else we need to do, on infrastructure and beyond. It’s going to be a fight in the build-up to the 2018 elections in the House and Senate.”

As Pence concluded, he got to that one word for Democrats. He said that the opposition’s word is “resist.” Then the vice president shared this, “In the face of their agenda, I’ve got our word: respond. Respond with action, respond with results, and respond with unwavering focus on advancing an agenda that will benefit this generation and the next.”

Those in the audience showed their support for Pence’s words by giving him a 30-second standing ovation. Pence wrapped up his 30-minute speech with a pledge to make America great again. Fritz Borgan, the national co-chair of the event praised Pence’s words, “He fired up the crowd, it’s a call to get involved, to run for office, and to help candidates going forward.”

What do you think about Pence’s speech and his one word for Democrats?

Credit: Breitbart


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