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Watch: Vice President Pence Stands By His Man and Slams the Media

Watch: Vice President Pence Stands By His Man and Slams the Media

Vice President Mike Pence stands by the president he serves. Pence accused the news media on Sunday of being more concerned with attacking President Donald Trump’s response to the violence at the white supremacist rally in Virginia than on condemning the violence itself.

Pence singled out “white supremacists” for the attack at the “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday. He told NBC News: “We will not tolerate hatred and violence of groups like white supremacists, the KKK, and neo-Nazis. These extremist fringe groups have no place in the American debate.”

The vice president’s language went further than the president’s. Trump condemned “hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides.” President Trump received a backlash of criticism throughout the weekend from Democrats as well as Republicans, including Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Cory Gardner of Colorado.

Pence defended Trump saying that he “stated clearly that he condemns hate and violence in all of its forms.” The vice president said he took issue with “the fact that many in the media are spending more time criticizing how the president addressed the issue yesterday.”

“Many in the media spent an awful lot of time focusing on what the president said and criticisms of what the president said instead of criticizing those who brought that hatred and violence to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia,” Pence said.

When Pence was asked specifically whether or not Trump should have identified white supremacists as a subject in his comments, Pence said: “I think the president yesterday spoke to a national moment, words the American people needed to hear — that we condemn acts of violence, acts of hatred.”

“The president called on our nation to look for ways to come together, to make sure that these extremist groups are pushed out of the public debate and not given the attention that they too often receive.” Pence added that Trump would continue calling for a “focus on what unites us, our commitment to freedom, our commitment to justice for all.”

You can watch the Vice Presidents comments below. His comments were made during a joint press conference and the video is a little choppy.

What do you think about the way that Pence has defended President Trump?


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