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WOW: Analyst CRUSHES Clinton Foundation In SEVEN Words … This Will END Hillary!


A Wall Street investment analyst had some stunning words for the Clinton Foundation.

Charles Ortel investigated the “charity” and believes that the Foundation has “cooked the books” in an effort to hide its true activities: making money for the Clinton family.

Just look at the speaking fees charged. According to Politico, Chelsea Clinton receives $65,000 to speak. But that is nothing compared to Hillary’s quoted $275,000 speaking fee, or the $500,000 speaking fee her father former President Bill Clinton receives. These were Ortel’s words in a recent interview with The Daily Caller:

The largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted.

Chelsea reported the both she and her mother direct their fees to the Clinton Foundation. This would explain why Hillary’s net worth is around $45 million.

Ortel in his interview with the Daily Caller, went on to explain that the Clintons have figured out how to turn their public service into a business. They act as if they are helping others, but instead are bringing powerful people together and making people rich.

As Breitbart reported, Chelsea used foundation funds for her wedding and life for a decade. Former top Clinton staffer wrote in an email to John Podesta in 2014:


I hope that you will speak to her and end this. Once we go down this road….

To make matters worse, Fox News reported that the Clinton Foundation admits that it didn’t notify the State Department that it received a $1 million gift from the Qatari government. This is just the tip of the iceberg and as more emails from WikiLeaks comes to light, more and more wood will be added to the fire.

When will the American people say enough is enough? When will the American people speak up and say no more? How about Tuesday?


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